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Jewelers: Improve Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Jewelers, you need a website. Not just any website though! It should be clean and feature a simple layout that puts all the focus on your stunning jewelry. The fewer the distractions, the better.

Even if you aren't selling jewelry online, it is essential that you have a beautiful website that showcases who you are and what you offer.

Also, if you have a website but it's been a few years since you updated it - now would be a great time to spruce things up a bit!

Your website needs to tell your story to clients and potential clients. Any reputable jeweler will agree that buying fine jewelry is an investment. And selling jewelry is about education, earning trust, and building relationships.

The truth of that matter is, if you don't tell people how fantastic and knowledgeable your staff is, how you take time to personally get know your clients and their jewelry needs, and how you have built your business by offering only the best service and highest-quality merchandise, and that you stand behind everything you sell - well, then they may just go to a jeweler who will.

That may seem a little overwhelming to some. After all, selling jewelry and building those relationships is your specialty. Creating exceptional content to engage your audience might not be.

However, that is my job. I craft copy that instills confidence and calls people to take action. Also, having someone write about your business who as an outside perspective is a remarkable way to breathe new life into the solid content you may already have on your website.

If you think your website just needs a little update, you might decide you can do it yourself. That is why I want to offer a few tips that can help you improve your website.

Let's take a look!

5 Steps to Improving Your Jewelry Website Content

Step 1: Have an AMAZING About Page!

Yes, people are coming to your website to see what you sell and that should be the focus - but before they fork over thousands of dollars, they want to be confident that the people they are considering buying diamonds and fine jewelry from are reputable.

They want to know your store history, why you are passionate about what you do, how you impact the lives of those around you, what you can do to help them, and why they should choose you over the thousands of other jewelers out there. Keep it clear, concise and conversational!

Step 2: Give them a Call-to-Action

You have real, live people looking at your website, now you need to tell them what to do. They saw something they love and now you need to tell them how to get it.

"Shop Our Engagement Ring Selection Now"

"Buy Her a One-of-a-Kind piece of Fine Jewelry"

"Take advantage of this Incredible Offer"

"Speak to our Knowledgeable Diamond Specialists"

There are variety of things you can say that will get people to take action and buy from you - which is really the purpose of your website.

Step 3: Include a Testimonials Page

Testimonials are an excellent way to help establish credibility. Since you want potential customers to know you are reputable, it is essential that you use real testimonials from real clients who are really happy with the products and service that you provide.

For jewelers, it would be ideal if a photo of the jewelry item was included with the testimonial. For example, a sweet engagement ring buying story that includes a photo of the ring on the Bride-to-Be's hand is not only eye-catching, but adds to the impact of the testimonial.

Get creative!

Step 4: Show off Your Staff and Your Showroom

People want to know who they are working with. A group photo of you and your staff is always a great addition and should be included on your website.

Individual photos of members of your staff, with a very short bio that details their credentials, is even better.

If you have a "brick and mortar" store, include photos of your showroom and tell visitors how comfortable they will be and that you will take great care of them every time they visit.

Step 5: Describe your Products

If you have an ecommerce jewelry store, you definitely need high-quality product descriptions. It can be difficult enough to buy a pair of shoes online - but fine jewelry? Great care must be used when crafting product descriptions that explain the piece in vivid detail.

High-quality photos, 3-D imagery, videos showing a piece from all angles, can go a long way in helping a customer visualize what the piece will look like - but a finely crafted description will go a long way in closing the sale.

Include all essential facts such as size, stone quality, material content, weight, and anything else that your prospective buyer would need (or want) to know.

Need help? Contact me anytime and I'll be happy to assist you!

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