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Writer | Digital Marketer | Fine Jewelry Expert

You work hard to ensure that your products and services are the best! Why take chances with the words that represent them? Trust your writing assignments and social media marketing to a professional who knows how to listen, how to keep your messages clear and compelling, and helps to establish you as the "to-go" expert in your industry.

With  20+ years of sales and digital marketing experience, my focus is to send a message that speaks directly to your target audience. My passion is helping businesses increase brand awareness through various social media platforms, content creation (blogs and websites), and branded visual content. Many other services are offered as well such as; reputation management, social media audits, consulting, analytic reporting, virtual assistant, project management, and more.

Let me, help you, capture the attention of your target audience and increase brand awareness!


Why Hire a Freelance Writer/ Digital Marketer

Professional Content Writing:

  • Has the ability to capture a reader's attention to send a powerful message.

  • Is engaging with a solid "call to action".

  • Saves you time and allows you and your staff to focus on more important things.

  • Brings in a fresh, new perspective - which is always an excellent idea.

  • Helps establish you as a "go-to" expert in your industry.

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

  • Your customers are looking to connect with you on all social media platforms -- you should be there for them.

  • Social Media is an excellent way to introduce people to your brand and increase brand awareness.

  • Increase sales by promoting your products and services.

  • You can share what you know and establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

  • Through various social media platforms, you can provide exceptional customer service by addressing customer issues or concerns quickly.

Are you sending the right message? Can your customers easily connect with you? If you're not sure, get in touch with me today!


"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell."

Seth Godin

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